How to Get a Waiter Job: Becoming a Server in a Restaurant

Thinking about getting a waiter job? What does it take to be a server in a restaurant?

There are many types of servers and waiters out there, as well as types of people who do the job. From quick casual restaurants to five-star fine dining, almost every restaurant has a need for servers and waiters.

What is a Restaurant Server? A Waiter Job Description.

A server at a restaurant is someone who serves people in a restaurant or food service operation. It’s one of the hardest jobs in the industry, but can also be one of the most rewarding. Many people have been waiters at some point in their lives, as it’s an easy job to obtain, and offers flexible hours and the ability the income possibilities can be endless.

A restaurant server is the one person a customer will remember when they visit a restaurant. They must know a lot about the particular restaurant they are working in, including the menu and policies. The primary job of a server is to take diners’ orders and bring them food and drinks, while attending to each customers individual needs and selling the restaurant and the menu at the same time.

While most servers don’t intend to make waiting tables a lifetime career, those that work in some fine dining establishments are often referred to as “professional” waiters and make great money doing so.

What qualities make a good waiter? Waiter duties.

To be a good waiter requires many skills. First and foremost, to be a waiter, you must be personable and like providing service to the public. If this is not you, you will not be a successful waiter.

A waiter must be friendly, attentive and able to deal with difficult customers without losing control. Waiting tables is a fast paced and stressful job, and a good waiter works well under pressure. You must be able to handle the pressure if you want to make money.

Waiters traditionally work for a low minimum wage (often only a few dollars an hour) and the rest of their salary comes from tips. While not all customers will be good tippers, in general if you have the qualities that make a good server, you will make decent money. If you’re usually surly, unfriendly and forgetful, you’ll be lucky to be able to pay the bills. There are no guarantees, so you must be very motivated to be successful.

You must be able to memorize menus as well as daily specials and prices. You must be able to handle multiple tables at once, so multitasking is an important skill.

If you tend to take things personally, you might want to rethink a career as a server. Not all customers are easy, in fact if you ask most servers, they will tell you that most customers are difficult. If the food is not right, they’ll blame you. If the kitchen is behind, they’ll blame you. You are the customers sole interaction with the restaurant, so when something goes wrong, you are the one they have to blame. And they will.

How can I become a waiter?

If you think you have what it takes, it’s as easy as filing a job application. There are no educational requirements; many high school students are waiters and waitresses. Many low end restaurants and cafes will hire people with little or no experience, so if you show interest, it should be an easy job to get.

High end restaurants require years of experience, but can be very lucrative jobs; in fact, some people make good careers out of it.

If you have a friendly attitude, a lot of patience and the motivation to succeed, you can make an excellent waiter, whether it is temporary or turns into a long term career.

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