How to Get a Job as Assistant Manager at a Restaurant

Are You Restaurant Assistant Management Material?

There are many levels of management in restaurants and each position has it’s own plusses and minuses, as well as reasons for taking these positions.

Some of these jobs are Assistant Managers jobs. An assistant manager at a restaurant is acting manager when the GM or Operations Manager isn’t available. Being an assistant manager can often mean living up to higher expectations than regular employees with not much more pay.

Who Wants Assistant Manager Restaurant Jobs?

You might be reading this and thinking to yourself “That sounds terrible, who would do that?” The answer: A lot of people.

There are many reasons people take these jobs, but often, they are stepping stones in the direction of getting a higher paying, more prestigious job such as the General Manager. To become a top manager, you must have some management experience, so assistant managers positions are the perfect way to achieve this.  It’s an unavoidable transition in the journey to top management jobs.

Another reason someone might take an assistant manager job is because they usually do pay more money, and for some people another dollar an hour is worth it. If you are hard working and dependable, it can be easy to work your way up to an assistant manager position very quickly.

Few people take assistant manager jobs long term, if they are doing it solely for the pay, it becomes old, and if they are doing it to move up the ladder and are successful, they move on.

What is the Role of Assistant Manager in a Restaurant?

As an assistant manager, you are exactly what the title says: An assistant to the GM or Operations Manager. This means that when they have to be out of the restaurant, the assistant manager is in charge. This can mean handling employee problems and making decisions about breaks or other conflicts that come up. While an assistant manager can’t make all decisions, they are trusted to use their best judgment so as not to bother the GM if not absolutely necessary.

Depending on the size and hours of the operation, there may be more than one assistant manager, in which case they must work together to insure all employees are on the same page as far as rules and regulations. Communication is key here.

How to Become an Assistant Manager at a Restaurant

No education is required to be an assistant manager, although often those working their way up the corporate ladder will have degrees in restaurant management or hospitality.  The most important factor in getting an assistant manager job is demonstrated ability and knowledge of the restaurant you’re working in. A lot of assistant manager jobs are filled by lower level employees who showed their superiors they have what it takes to be in charge.

To be promoted to assistant manager, generally an employee will have demonstrated that they understand the business and the industry, they get along with employees and customers and have natural leadership qualities. They are dependable and hard working and will go above and beyond the requirements necessary to do a good job. They have demonstrated their abilities to make good decisions without a managers input and are trustworthy and loyal to the restaurant owners. A passion for the industry is helpful as well.

Whether you want to make a few extra bucks or begin a long career in the restaurant industry, becoming and assistant manager is a fairly easy and straightforward way to do so.  You may not necessarily earn high wages (most are paid an hourly wage), but the experience you get from working this position will help you turn into the well rounder manager you may someday hope to become.

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