How to get a Grill Cook job

Do you have what it takes to get a restaurant job as a grill cook, also commonly called a grill chef?

While you may think that a chef is a chef, this is not always true. Although professional culinary training covers all aspects of cooking, most chefs develop specialties, or areas where they excel or hold strong passions. A grill chef, is one of these areas.

What is a Grill Cook?

Plainly put, a grill cook is one who works the grill in a restaurant. They are responsible for all grilled items on the menu including, burgers, steaks, chops, and basically anything that may be grilled including vegetables and even desserts. A grill cook has to know how to grill meats and seafood to perfection without burning or undercooking foods, and work at a fast paced while doing so. This means knowing how the difference between a steak that is rare and one that is well done, as well as everything in between.

Being a grill cook is not a job to take lightly. He or she must be knowledgable about proper meat handling procedures as well as be able to keep the grill area clean enough to pass a health inspection. Failure to do either of these things can cause restaurant violations or customer illness, so proper knowledge is a must.

A good grill chef will also have knowledge outside his area of expertise so knowing how to use other commercial equipment such as ovens and professional ranges are a plus. Having good knife skills is essential as well.

Many times, chefs do this job because they really have a passion for it, but it could also be because they are trying to round out their skills in the kitchen and this is just a job they take along the way.

How do I become a grill cook or grill chef? Grill Cook Duties and Responsibilities

Becoming a grill cook is as easy as learning how to grill, if this is all you want to do. Of course, grilling in your backyard is not quite the same, so it’s not as easy as just walking in to a restaurant and wanting to immediately work on the grill. You will probably have to work your way up by starting at the bottom, such as washing dishes, as this is a position not taken lightly in most kitchens, however if you demonstrate desire and ability once you’re there, it shouldn’t be that hard to be promoted within.

If you serious about all aspects of cooking, a formal education such as culinary school is definitely an option and will help you to get jobs of course, but this is definitely not necessary. Knowing how to do the job efficiently is much more important in this case.

How far can I go as a grill chef?

There are many opportunities in restaurants of course, but grilling is big business and if you have the passion as well as the abilities, opening a restaurant solely based on grilling alone is an opportunity, such as a barbecue restaurant down south or even a beach grill.

If owning your own restaurant isn’t your thing, a good grill cook can easily be promoted to sous chef or head chef if you can prove both your desire and abilities. If you are serious about the restaurant business in general, being a good grill chef is an impressive skill to have on your resume so either way, it’s something worth learning.

Depending on what type of restaurant you are working in, the salary of a grill chef varies. Most are hourly, but of course, owning your own restaurant does make a difference.

Whatever reasons you have for becoming a grill chef, there are a lot of opportunities for those that are passionate about their skills, and those who are serious about cooking can benefit from working on the grill, even temporarily.

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