Cruise Ship Cooking and Chef Jobs: An Overview

If you’re looking for a fun and interesting food service job that’s not your typical restaurant environment, you should think about working on a Cruise Ship.  Read on for the pros and cons of working for a cruise line.

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Cooking and Chef Cruise Ship Job Pros

You’ll get to travel to places you may not otherwise, depending on the cruise line. There are cruises almost all over the world, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and even to Alaska if you desire.

You’ll meet people from all over the world. No matter which destination you choose, cruise lines have employees from everywhere so you’ll be exposed to different cultures and customs and no doubt meet some interesting people.

You’ll make decent money, often tax free depending on the destination of travel.

Living accommodations and meals are often arranged by the cruise line, so you won’t have to worry about paying rent or food costs while working, allowing you to save up money.

There are many different positions to choose from, and you’ll gain experience working in a high volume, fast paced setting.  Many times, if you prove you can do it, you can gain experience doing more than one job per time period, so if you’re trying to max out your skills, working on a cruise ship is a great way to do so.

Often you can choose long or short term contracts, this is really up to you. So if you only want to work for a few months, this is possible, allowing you to minimize the time you’re away from family and friends.

Often, cruise lines will allow couples and pairs to work on the same ship at the same time, so if the idea of leaving a spouse or good friend doesn’t seem possible, you can both go (you’ll both be working of course)

Food Service and Chef Cruise Ship Job Cons

While a cruise ship job sounds like an extended vacation, you’ll be working long hours, often 6 days a week for the duration of your contract.

You’ll be away from family and friends for long periods of time, depending on where you travel to, you may not be able to communicate with them for periods of time.

You won’t get a lot of privacy. You’ll likely have a very small room, which you will be sharing with a roommate.

You’ll be homesick. Most people think they can handle it, but those starting out are almost always homesick at least at first.

Sea sickness is common at first, especially if you start off on a smaller ship, as most people do.

While you won’t have a lot of bills to pay, the pay is relatively low because of this. You’ll still probably be able to save money as you’ll be working a lot, but don’t be surprised by the low rate of pay.

Once you’ve left, you’re stuck, so if you’re the type that often had problems at work or quits when the going gets rough, working on a cruise ship is probably not for you.

Food Service Jobs on a Cruise Ship, the Bottom line:

If you are hardworking and dedicated, you can have the experience of  a lifetime. You’ll meet new people, learn new skills, and expand your resume and future career opportunities.

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