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The Life of A Busser / Busboy

Many people detest the idea of being a busser, also known as a busboy in a restaurant, but depending on how you look at it, this can be a valuable position, both to the employee and the restaurant.

What is a busser?

A busser is the person responsible for clearing tables after diners are done eating in a restaurant. They are then often responsible for cleaning and resetting the table for the next patrons. Duties can vary from rolling silverware to refilling customers’ water glasses. Depending on the type of establishment, a busboy can be very busy, and can even make lucrative money if they make wages from tips.

Why would someone want to become a busser?

Although many people think of being a busser as a demeaning job, there are many reasons why some people choose to do it. For some who just need a job, being a busboy in a small restaurant or cafe is a fairly easy job to get with little to no experience.

There are those however, who want to work their way to the top in a top restaurant and without a lot of restaurant experience, a job bussing tables is a way to get in a prove yourself. If you’re hardworking and prove you are an asset to the restaurant you can move up quickly.

Many bussers work on tips, and if you are quick and efficient, you can make a decent living. It may not be anyone’s dream job, but there are reasons to do it.

Do I need any skills to become a busser?

Very few restaurants will require anything more than a high school diploma, and some establishments may not require that much. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to have certain qualities to be successful.

For one thing, like most restaurant jobs, you will be working on your feet, so the ability to stand and move around for hours at a time is necessary. A busboy is also going to be carrying heavy trays full of dishes, so you’ll need to be able to do that consistently.

Because it is often the low job on the restaurant totem pole, a flexible schedule is important. Since restaurants are busier on nights and weekends, you should plan on being available on these hours. If having a busy social life is important to you, being a busser may not be your best option for a job.

You should have high standards of personal hygiene and a pleasant personality if you have to deal with customers, especially if you work for tips. The ability to move quickly is also extremely important, on busy nights, there will be crowds and the restaurant will have to turn tables quickly; you’ll be responsible for clearing and resetting tables at record speeds, the faster you can do so, the more money you can make.

Communication skills are also a must. You must be able to communicate effectively with the service staff, as for the most part, your job is to assist them in making the customer happy. If they are extra busy you need to be able to figure out how to attain to their needs without getting in the way.

No matter what the reason you may choose to be a busser whether you just need a job, or are looking to get started in the restaurant industry with little to no experience, starting out as a busser is a great way to get your foot in the door and get on the road to a rewarding and satisfying career.

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