Becoming a Bartender: How to Get Bartender Jobs

How to Become a Bartender

Bartending is a great way to earn extra money, and can be a very lucrative career if you really enjoy it.

What is a bartender?

A bartender is someone who makes and serves alcoholic beverages at restaurants, bars, clubs and anywhere else that serves liquor. While it can be a rewarding job, it can be very stressful as with any job where you are serving the public.

What does it take to be a good bartender?

For starters, bartenders serve the public, and often work on tips, so being friendly and patient are important qualities. You must be okay with excessive drinking, as that is the nature of the job, and in fact you have to okay with having to stop serving someone if they’ve had too much to drink and being able to handle customers who have had too much too drink and are being extra difficult.

The ability to work nights and especially weekends is important if you want to make money, as that is when most bars are busy. Late nights when everyone else is drinking can be tempting and you have to be able to resist.

And of course, you’ll need to be able to make a lot of different types of drinks. Most customers may order standards such as beer and classic cocktails, but you will have those that order off the wall obscure drinks, and you have to be able to make them.

Bartenders also work long hours on their feet and often are required to do some heavy lifting. Being attentive and making sure drinks are always full is the way to make good tips. Speed is a must in a busy bar or restaurant where everyone wants a drink and wants it now. You also must be of legal drinking age to serve and handle alcohol.

There are also legal implications to bartending. For example, you have to be diligent in checking identification of anyone who may be underage, as you can lose your job or worse if you fail to do so. There’s also the fact that you will often have to decide if someone has had too much to drink. You don’t want someone to have one too many drinks that you served and walk out the door and kill someone because they were driving drunk.

How can I become a bartender?

While there are many bartending schools, including classes online, these are not necessary to have a rewarding bartending career. They cost money and can teach you a lot, but many top bartenders got their start simply by learning on the job. In fact a lot of professional bartenders think bartending schools are a waste of time and money. You learn more by doing, so get out there and hit the pavement until you find a job.

If you are a regular in a particular bar and know the bartender well, mentioning that you’d like to try your hand at bartending can help. You’ll make more money working in higher-class bars than hole in the walls, but those jobs are harder to get and require experience you’ll only get from working. You can make good money if you’re good at what you do, but you have to be able to not take people personally when they don’t tip, or drink too much and act like fools or jerks.

Bartending can be a fun and rewarding career if you have the motivation and the skills to do it. If you’re looking to have a little bit of fun while at work and want to meet interesting people, then bartending may be the job for you.

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