My name is Lars, and I created this site when my niece, who has always been interested in cooking and baking, decided to get a food service job. She now works for a local caterer here in Dallas and really enjoys it.

When my niece first considered getting a job, she didn’t know anything about working in the restaurant / food service / hospitality business. And neither did I, so I didn’t have much advice to give her. I starting doing some research of my own to see what she might expect when it came to job duties, pay, moving forward with a career, etc.

And then, I found an expert to help!

Amy is a Culinary Arts graduate who is a freelance writer and aspiring photographer who has worked in restaurants and bakeries before pursuing writing full time. She spends her free time baking and cooking and trying to make her place in the world of food. She has a strong affection for exploring the city in search of local foods, while still cooking as much as possible in her own kitchen. She is currently working on her own blog and hopes to eventually have several others going as well.

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